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Camassa and McLaughlin’s Overview is Featured in SIAM News

Camassa and McLaughlin's Overview is Featured in SIAM News

In 2019, Professors Roberto Camassa and Richard McLaughlin, in collaboration with Daniel Harris, Robert Hunt and Zeliha Kilic, published “A first-principle mechanism for particulate aggregation and self-assembly in stratified fluids” in Nature Communications. In their work, they study the aggregation of matter under gravitation in fluid systems and, in particular, they “observe and model mathematically an unexpected fundamental mechanism by which particles suspended within stratification may self-assemble and form large aggregates without adhesion” (Abstract). This work made Nature Communications’ list of 50 most read physics articles of 2019 (ranked at #8).

Recently, Camassa and McLaughlin were invited to write a synopsis of their 2019 work and the process of making the discovery. Their interesting overview was featured on the front page of SIAM News and can be found here.