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M. E. Taylor Analysis and PDE Seminar – Anna Skorobogatova (Princeton)

Phillips Hall 385

Higher codimension area-minimizers: structure of singularities and uniqueness of tangent cones Abstract. The problem of determining the size and structure of the interior singular set of area-minimizing surfaces has been studied thoroughly in a number of different frameworks, with many … Read more

Applied Mathematics Colloquium – Alina Chertock (NC State)

Phillips Hall 332

Asymptotic Preserving Numerical Methods for Multiscale Problems Abstract. Many phenomena in nature exhibit multiscale behaviors, which can be rather different in character. These phenomena can be categorized into two groups. On the one hand, there are problems featuring localized singularities, … Read more

Mathematics Colloquium – Yaiza Canzani (UNC)

Phillips Hall 332

Eigenfunction concentration and Weyl Laws via geodesic beams Abstract. A broad spectrum of physical phenomena, including the localization of quantum particles, is governed by the behavior of Laplace eigenvalues and eigenfunctions. This behavior is intrinsically connected to that of the … Read more

Mathematics Colloquium – Veronica Ciocanel (Duke)

Phillips Hall 332

Stochastic and continuum modeling of protein polymer dynamics in neurons Abstract. Microtubules are protein polymers present in most cells; in neurons, microtubules are believed to be stable and to have specific orientations. This is crucial, since other key proteins get transported … Read more