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Faculty Emeriti

Cima, Joseph
Phillips Hall 300A
Eberlein, Patrick
Phillips Hall 300
Riemannian geometry
Geissinger, Ladnor
Goodman, Sue
Phillips Hall 384
Topology, dynamical systems
Hawkins, Jane
Phillips Hall 384
Ergodic theory, dynamical systems, complex analysis
Jones, Christopher
Dynamical Systems, optics
Petersen, Karl
Phillips Hall 300A
Ergodic theory
Plante, Joseph
Foliations, dynamical systems
Proctor, Robert
Phillips Hall 390
Algebraic combinatorics, Lie representations
Schlessinger, Michael
Smith, William
Stasheff, James
Taylor, Michael
Phillips Hall 326

Partial differential equations, harmonic analysis, geometric analysis, stochastic analysis

Wahl, Jonathan
Phillips Hall 356
Algebraic geometry, topology and geometry of surface singularities, algebraic curves and surfaces
Wogen, Warren
Phillips Hall 356