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Equations and Eclairs: A Day of Delight at the 2024 Spring Picnic

Members of the UNC Math Department came together on April 28th for their annual Spring Picnic, enjoying a delightful array of food and festivities organized by graduate students and supported by faculty, fostering community and camaraderie.

From Classroom to Game Show: Marko Saric's Journey to "Jeopardy!" Victory

UNC Mathematics graduate Marko Saric clinched victory on "Jeopardy!", securing over $26,000 in winnings across two thrilling games on the iconic game show.

Paul Hamrick Triumphs in Carolina Integration Bee

Eight UNC students competed in the third Carolina Integration Bee, with Paul Hamrick emerging as the Tar Heel Grand Integrator after solving intricate integrals, thanks to the organization by the Carolina Math Club and its officers.

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