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Morehead-Cain Class of 2024 Celebrates Outstanding Faculty at UNC–Chapel Hill

The Morehead-Cain Class of 2024 expressed gratitude to distinguished faculty and staff at UNC–Chapel Hill during the 2024 Faculty Appreciation Luncheon, highlighting Professor Karin Leiderman among the fifty-seven honorees for her outstanding contributions to teaching, mentorship, and dedication to student success.

Unlocking the Enigma of Brain Connectivity

Professors Caroline Moosmueller and Shahar Kovalsky secure a seed grant for their research on the ever-changing patterns of functional brain connectivity in space and time.

TriCAMS Triumphs: UNC Mathematics Excels in Poster Competitions

Mathematics community members Shiying Li, Alexandra Whiteside, and Leyi Zhang received prizes in the poster competitions at this year's Triangle Computational and Applied Mathematics Symposium (TriCAMS).

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