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David Adalsteinsson
Adalsteinsson, David
Phillips Hall 312

Biology, interface problems, spatial modeling, algorithm development, making tools for scientific computing and visualization

Idris Assani
Assani, Idris
Phillips Hall 305A

Ergodic theory, probability, harmonic analysis, operator theory

Prakash Belkale
Belkale, Prakash
Chapman Hall 447

Algebraic geometry

Arunima Bhattacharya
Bhattacharya, Arunima
Bill Guthridge Fellow, Assistant Professor
Phillips 304A

Geometric analysis, nonlinear partial differential equations

Emily Burkhead
Burkhead, Emily
Teaching Associate Professor
Phillips Hall 324J

Dynamical systems and ergodic theory, mathematics education

Roberto Camassa
Camassa, Roberto
Kenan Distinguished Professor
Phillips Hall 318

Applied mathematics, applied analysis, fluid dynamics

Yaiza Canzani
Canzani, Yaiza
Associate Professor
Phillips Hall 305

Partial differential equations, semiclassical analysis, mathematical physics, spectral theory, differential geometry

Ivan Cherednik
Cherednik, Ivan
Austin M. Carr Distinguished Professor
Phillips Hall 310

Representation theory, mathematical physics, combinatorics, number theory, algebraic geometry, low-dimensional topology, mathematical biology, quantitative finance

Hans Christianson
Christianson, Hans
Phillips Hall 304B

Partial differential equations, spectral geometry, microlocal analysis, quantum chaos

Olivia Dumitrescu
Dumitrescu, Olivia
Associate Professor
Chapman Hall 431

Algebraic geometry, topological recursion, Hitchin systems

M. Gregory Forest
Forest, M. Gregory
Grant Dahlstrom Distinguished Professor
Phillips Hall 316A

Mathematical modeling and experimental data analytics, applications to chromosome biology, respiratory infection and immune responses, mucosal membranes, drug delivery, and medicine

Linda Green
Green, Linda
Teaching Associate Professor
Phillips Hall 338

Math and statistics education, topology of 3-dimensional manifolds, mathematical modeling of disease

Boyce Griffith
Griffith, Boyce
Chapman Hall 425

Computational and applied mathematics, cardiovascular physiology, fluid-structure interaction, high-performance scientific computing

Jiuzu Hong
Hong, Jiuzu
Associate Professor
Chapman Hall 445

Representation theory, algebraic geometry

Jingfang Huang
Huang, Jingfang
Chapman Hall 449

Analysis based fast algorithms, integral equations, potential theory, scientific computing, fluid dynamics, molecular mechanics, quantum chemistry, data analysis

Shahar Kovalsky
Kovalsky, Shahar
Assistant Professor
Phillips Hall 306

Numerical optimization, computational geometry and imaging, machine learning and their applications in biology and medicine

Shrawan Kumar
Kumar, Shrawan
J.R. & L.S. Parker Distinguished Professor
Chapman Hall 443

Representation theory

Karin Leiderman
Leiderman, Karin
Associate Professor
Phillips Hall 324I

Mathematical biology, mathematical modeling of biochemical systems, especially blood coagulation, and computational biofluid dynamics

Yifei Lou
Lou, Yifei
Associate Professor
Phillips Hall 314

Image processing, sparse signal recovery, numerical analysis and optimization algorithms

Jeremy Marzuola
Marzuola, Jeremy
Phillips Hall 324D

Partial differential equations and probabilistic models from fluid dynamics, material science, statistical and optical physics, and quantum mechanics

Mark McCombs
McCombs, Mark
Teaching Professor
Phillips Hall 358

Mathematics education

Elizabeth McLaughlin
McLaughlin, Elizabeth
Teaching Professor
Phillips Hall 342

Mathematics education

Richard McLaughlin
McLaughlin, Richard
Phillips Hall 320

Experimental, theoretical, and computational fluid dynamics, random phenomena, and stochastic partial differential equations

Jason Metcalfe
Metcalfe, Jason
Bowman and Gordon Gray Distinguished Term Professor
Phillips Hall 302A

Partial differential equations, microlocal analysis

Sorin Mitran
Mitran, Sorin
Chapman Hall 451

Computational simulation of multiscale, multiphysics systems, data-driven constitutive relations for hyperelastic materials, nonlinear mode reduction, information geometry for reduced stochastic models

Caroline Moosmueller
Moosmueller, Caroline
J. Burton Linker Fellow, Assistant Professor
Phillips Hall 324K

Geometric data analysis, computational optimal transport, numerical analysis and approximation theory, applications in biology and medicine

Katherine Newhall
Newhall, Katherine
Associate Professor
Phillips Hall 308

Applied mathematics, stochastic differential equations, dynamical systems

Richard Rimanyi
Rimanyi, Richard
Chapman Hall 429

Geometry, topology, singularity theory

Casey Rodriguez
Rodriguez, Casey
Assistant Professor
Phillips Hall 307

Partial differential equations, mathematical physics, continuum mechanics

David Rose
Rose, David
Associate Professor
Phillips Hall 302

Low-dimensional topology, representation theory, homological algebra, category theory

Lev Rozansky
Rozansky, Lev
Chapman Hall 433

Mathematical physics, representation theory, topology and foliation theory

Pedro Sáenz
Sáenz, Pedro
Assistant Professor
Chapman Hall 427

Physical applied mathematics, soft and active matter, hydrodynamic quantum analogs, nonequilibrium physics, fluid mechanics

Justin Sawon
Sawon, Justin
Chapman Hall 441

Algebraic and differential geometry, topology, mathematical physics

Andrey Smirnov
Smirnov, Andrey
William R. Kenan, Jr. Scholar, Associate Professor
Phillips Hall 307A

Representation theory

Miranda Thomas
Thomas, Miranda
Teaching Assistant Professor
Phillips Hall 346

Mathematics education

Philip Tosteson
Tosteson, Philip
Assistant Professor
Phillips Hall 386

Topology, combinatorics, representation theory

Alexander Varchenko
Varchenko, Alexander
Ernest Eliel Distinguished Professor
Phillips Hall 304

Mathematical physics, algebraic geometry, representation theory, combinatorics, number theory, complex analysis

Mark Williams
Williams, Mark
Phillips Hall 380

Partial differential equations