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The UNC-CH Department of Mathematics Commencement is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of our majors and recognize the hard work and determination that led them to graduation.

We plan to recognize December 2023, May 2024, and August 2024 graduates during the 2024 commencement ceremony.

Details for the 2024 celebration will be announced on this page in mid/late March. Information regarding the university wide commencement is available here.

Attendance at both the university ceremony and the department ceremony is optional.

Diplomas are not awarded at either celebration. Diplomas will be mailed to your home address listed in ConnectCarolina. Additional information on diploma distribution.

Commencement 2023

Hannah Cruz – Representing the Class of 2023 (click for more photos from the Commencement)

Spring 2023 Graduates
Undergraduates: 124
Masters: 1
Ph.D.: 6

Commencement 2022

Scott Hallyburton – Representing the Class of 2022 (click for more photos from the Commencement)

Spring 2022 Graduates
Undergraduates: 119
Masters: 4
Ph.D.: 6

Commencement 2021

Nicholas Tapp-Hughes – Representing the Class of 2021 (click for more photos from the gift pick-up)

Spring 2021 Graduates
Undergraduates: 99
Masters: 2
Ph.D.: 10

Link to online Commencement video.

Commencement 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a brief, online commencement was given (see the link below).

Spring 2020 Graduates
Undergraduates: 95
Masters: 1
Ph.D.: 4

Link to online Commencement video. 

Commencement 2019

Victoria Whitley – Representing the Class of 2019 (click for more photos from the Commencement)

Spring 2019 Graduates
Undergraduates: 91
Masters: 1
Ph.D.: 4