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Our faculty are internationally recognized leaders who have received external funding from numerous sources, including NSF, NIH, DOE, NSA, Burroughs Welcome, ONR, and AFOSR, NSF Research training grants in fluids, Department of Education GAANN fellowship programs, and a new NIH Big Data training grant.  Our faculty include numerous fellows of the AMS and SIAM, working in research areas spanning:


Algebra, Geometry, and Topology

algebraic geometry, combinatorics, commutative algebra, complex manifolds, Lie groups and algebra, mathematical physics, representation theory, singularity theory


Analysis and PDE

complex analysis, dynamical systems, ergodic theory, harmonic analysis and operator theory, mathematical relativity, micro local analysis, partial differential equations


Applied and Computational Mathematics

applied and stochastic analysis, climate modeling, biophysics, neuroscience, computational methods, fluid dynamics, mathematical biology, material science, network science, nonlinear optics