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Registration & Advising

This page contains information to assist with course registration and departmental advising in the mathematics department.

Prerequisites and Registration

UNC Math Policy

  • Formal prerequisites, as outlined in the UNC-CH Catalog, must be completed prior to enrolling into Math courses;
  • Undergraduate Admissions will post course credit on Connect Carolina student accounts, after receiving official transcripts and/or placement test scores;
    • Questions about receipt/processing of transcripts or test scores may be directed towards Undergraduate Admissions at unchelp@admissions.unc.edu or 919-966-3621
  • If a student is enrolled in a prerequisite course at UNC at the time of registration, ConnectCarolina will give them permission to register. If a student will take the prerequisite class elsewhere (e.g. community college or other 4-year institution), then ConnectCarolina will not give them permission to register. The student will need to wait until the class is completed and credit is transferred in order to register.


A summary with general advising information for undergraduate students in the Department of Mathematics can be found in these slides.

Information includes an overview of the math major, course overviews, graduate classes, graduate school, departmental opportunities, and careers in mathematics.

Registration Note for AY 22-23: During the Spring 2023 term, MATH 523 and MATH 566 will be offered at the same day/time. As a result, if you plan to take these two courses in the next academic year, you will need to take MATH 566 in Fall 2022 and then take MATH 523 in Spring 2023.

Closed Course Information


*Please read carefully BEFORE Course Request Forms go live*

The Department of Mathematics has designed a “Course Request Form (CRF)” for students to use in order to request enrollment in a section of a Math course that is currently closed and waitlist capacity has been reached. These forms declare your desire to register for a particular section and your intent to “sit in” that section (with instructor permission) until the last day for schools/departments to add or drop a student using ConnectCarolina.

Please use the CRF to indicate your registration need.  Once completed, submit the form to the department by clicking the “submit” button.  Submission of this form is only a request and does not guarantee registration.


The CRFs are made available on the Department of Mathematics website once the waitlist process has officially ended by the University Registrar. The Math Department keeps copies of ConnectCarolina waitlists.  Students on these lists will receive priority enrollment (over CRF students), if seats become available.

CRFs will be available online:

Beginning:  Monday, August  22nd at 8 AM

Ending:  Thursday, August 25 at 4 PM


Instructions for completing the CRF:

  • To request a MATH section, please complete the CRF at the below link. Please check your schedule often to see if your request was granted.
  • If you will need to be dropped from a course to make room for the MATH course you are requesting, please list the course and section number for the course to drop in the explanation section of the form.
  • You will NOT be notified if you are successfully enrolled in your requested course. You should check your schedule often to see if the requested course appears.
  • Priority will be given to students who need a MATH course and are not currently registered for one.
  • If there are problems with your registration (i.e., course overload/underload, holds on accounts, etc.) your CRF cannot be processed. You will be notified of the problem via email at the department’s earliest opportunity.
  • Signing the CRF gives the department permission to make changes to your schedule. It also certifies your adherence to the UNC Honor Code in this matter.
  • Please allow at least 24 hours for your form to be reviewed before following up on your request.

Please click the following link to access the CRF: https://forms.gle/xRDJWxjyNvC54YcZ8

Placement Information

Students entering UNC-Chapel Hill as first-year students are encouraged to take a standardized math exam (e.g. ACT, AP, IB) before the end of their senior year of high school, if they plan to take a class in the precalculus/calculus sequence or a STEM class that requires a math background. Please note these scores must be sent to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Office of Undergraduate Admissions, so that they will be available for placement purposes during summer registration.

Students who have completed MAT171 or MAT172 in the NC Community College system or have math transfer credit from other universities with a grade of C or higher can get math placement credit that way and do not need standardized math exam scores. Transcripts must be submitted to UNC-CH admissions.

Students who do not have standardized math exam scores or transfer credit can take the ALEKS placement test. Students who know calculus but have not taken the AP test can take the Calculus placement tests.

Students who do not have any placement scores or transfer credit in their Connect Carolina account will not be able to register for courses like MATH 130, MATH 231, and CHEM 101 that require math prerequisites, but may enroll in MATH 110 and earn placement credit this way.

Placement Methods

MAT 171 from NC Community College SystemC or HigherMath 110PMath 130 or 152
MAT 172 from NC Community College SystemC or HigherMath 130Math 231
ACT Mathematics Test26-28Math 110PMath 130 or 152
29 and upMath 110P and 129PMath 231
ALEKS Placement Test61-75Math 110PMath 130 or 152
76-100Math 110P and 129PMath 231
AP Calculus AB (or AB subscore on the BC Test)1nonebased on ACT or ALEKS score
2Math 110P and 129PMath 231
3, 4, or 5Math 110P, 129P and 231Math 232
AP Calculus BC1nonebased on ACT or ALEKS score
2Math 110P and 129PMath 231
3, 4, and 5Math 110P, 129P, 231, and 232Math 233
International Baccalaureate, Mathematics Analysis and Approaches HL1, 2, or 3nonebased on ACT or ALEKS score
4, 5, 6, or 7Math 110P, 129P, 231, and 232Math 233
International Baccalaureate, Mathematics Analysis and Approaches SL1, 2, 3, and 4nonebased on ACT or ALEKS score
5, 6, or 7Math 110P, 129P, 231Math 232
International Baccalaureate, Mathematics Applications HL1, 2, or 3nonebased on ACT or ALEKS score
4, 5, 6, or 7Math 110P, MATH 129P, 231Math 232
International Baccalaureate, Mathematics Applications SL1, 2, 3, or 4nonebased on ACT or ALEKS score
5, 6, or 7Math 110P, 129PMath 231
Swiss Maturity Exam4.5 or greaterMath 110P, 129P, 231, and 232Math 233

Noteworthy Placement Considerations

  • MATH 115, 116, 117, 118, and 119 all satisfy the General Education Quantitative Reasoning (QR) requirement and are open to all students (no prerequisites).
  • The AP Statistics Exam is not accepted for math credit or placement
  • For students who took International Baccalaureate tests prior to 2021, credits are granted for IB Mathematics and Further Mathematics but not for Mathematical Studies. Please see this table for details.
  • For SAT scores, only scores for the SAT 2 Math Subject Level Test (Level 1 and Level 2) are accepted for placement. Scores on the math portion of the regular SAT 1 are not accepted for placement. A score of 590-800 on the MATH Subject Level 1 test confers credit for MATH 110P. A score of 570-630 on the MATH Subject Level 2 test confers credit for MATH 110P. A score of 640-800 on the MATH Subject Level 2 test confers credit for MATH 110P and MATH 129P.
  • For students who enrolled prior to Fall 2019, different cut-off scores applied. In particular, a score of 520 on the SAT subject test Math Level 1 and 2 conferred credit for Math 110P, a score of 600 on the SAT subject test Math Level 2 conferred credit for Math 129P, and a score of 27 on the ACT Math test was needed to confer credit for Math 110.
  • Additional information on exams accepted for placement credit is given here.

Placement Tests Offered at UNC

The Mathematics Department offers Calculus placement tests each semester on the last business day before classes begin. The departmental calculus placement exam is open only to students who already have been placed into MATH 231 or above. This exam is not a means to award credit. Rather, it is a means to appropriately place students within the calculus sequence.

The Math Department also offers an ALEKS placement test for Algebra and Precalculus. This test is intended for students who do not already have placement scores via the ACT or SAT Math Subject Test, but any student may take it. Students can take ALEKS at any time using online proctoring.

For course-specific placement questions not answered here, contact Dr. Linda Green.

For Additional Information Contact

Erin Willis

Erin Willis

Undergraduate Student Services Manager

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