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Registration & Advising

This page contains information to assist with course registration and departmental advising in the mathematics department.

Prerequisites and Registration

UNC Math Policy

  • Formal prerequisites, as outlined in the UNC-CH Catalog, must be completed prior to enrolling into Math courses;
  • Undergraduate Admissions will post course credit on Connect Carolina student accounts, after receiving official transcripts and/or standardized test scores;
  • If a student is enrolled in a prerequisite course at UNC at the time of registration, ConnectCarolina will give them permission to register. If a student will take the prerequisite class elsewhere (e.g. community college or other 4-year institution), then ConnectCarolina will not give them permission to register. The student will need to wait until the class is completed and credit is transferred in order to register.


Please read these instructions carefully, so that you do not miss the important advising deadline for the Math Department.

If you have an advising flag, attend a Group Advising Session on Thursday, March 21st, Monday, March 25th, Wednesday, March 27th, Tuesday, April 2nd, or Monday, April 8th. Please see Zoom information below.

 Course registration for Fall 2024 opens on March 25th. You can check the time of your enrollment appointment by clicking “details” under the “Enrollment Dates” heading in your ConnectCarolina account.

If your primary major is Math, you have completed/are currently enrolled/have transfer credit for MATH 233, AND you have not been advised by the Math department before, you will find that an advising flag has been placed on your student account which prevents you from registering for Fall 2024 classes. You MUST attend a meeting with a Math departmental advisor before you can have your registration flag removed. The following instructions will assist you in making the department advising process run smoothly:

  • Have your advising flag removed at a group advising session. Group sessions will be offered on Thursday, March 21, Monday, March 25, Wednesday, March 27, Tuesday, April 2, or Monday, April 8. All are welcome to attend a group advising session; a hold is not required.
  • To attend a group session, please see the following Zoom links:

You can check to see if you have an advising flag by clicking “details” under the “Holds” heading in your ConnectCarolina account. If you have an advising hold, you will see a hold called “Advisor Approval Required.” You can see a visual of the holds at:

Please note that the advising meetings are being held through April 17th. Please do not wait until your registration appointment time arrives to meet with an advisor. Advisors have agreed to be available prior to the registration period for your convenience so that your flag will be lifted, and you can register when your appointment time opens. Please allow 24 hours after attending a session for your hold to be removed.

A summary with general advising information for undergraduate students in the Department of Mathematics can be found in these slides.

Information includes an overview of the math major, course overviews, graduate classes, graduate school, departmental opportunities, and careers in mathematics.

Closed Course Information

***There will be no Math Department Closed Course Request Forms available for Fall 2024***

The last day to add to the ConnectCarolina waitlist is Friday, August 23rd. If you are hoping to enroll in a class that is closed, please add yourself to the waitlist and continue to watch enrollments to see if any vacancies occur.

If you are still interested in a closed math class and have not rolled in from the waitlist by the first day of class, then you may consider attending the first week of class (with instructor permission) to see if the closed class status changes. There must be chairs available for you to sit-in a class; sitting on the floor is not permitted.

There are no other waitlist options available for Fall 2024.

Placement Information

Students entering UNC-Chapel Hill as first-year students are encouraged to take a standardized math exam (e.g. ACT, AP, IB) before the end of their senior year of high school, if they plan to take a class in the precalculus/calculus sequence or a STEM class that requires a math background. Please note these scores must be sent to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Office of Undergraduate Admissions, so that they will be available for placement purposes during summer registration.

Students who have completed MAT171 or MAT172 in the NC Community College system or have math transfer credit from other universities with a grade of C or higher can get math placement credit that way and do not need standardized math exam scores. Transcripts must be submitted to UNC-CH admissions.

Students who do not have standardized math exam scores or transfer credit can take the ALEKS placement test. Students who know calculus but have not taken the AP test can take the Calculus placement tests.

Students who do not have any placement scores or transfer credit in their Connect Carolina account will not be able to register for courses like MATH 130, MATH 231, and CHEM 101 that require math prerequisites, but may enroll in MATH 110 and earn placement credit this way.

Placement Methods

MAT 171 from NC Community College SystemC or HigherMath 110PMath 130 or 152
MAT 172 from NC Community College SystemC or HigherMath 130Math 231
ACT Mathematics Test26-28Math 110PMath 130 or 152
29 and upMath 110P and 129PMath 231
ALEKS Placement Test61-75Math 110PMath 130 or 152
76-100Math 110P and 129PMath 231
AP Precalculus1 or 2 nonebased on ACT or ALEKS Score
3, 4, or 5MATH 110P and 129PMATH 231
AP Calculus AB (or AB subscore on the BC Test)1nonebased on ACT or ALEKS score
2Math 110P and 129PMath 231
3, 4, or 5Math 110P, 129P and 231Math 232
AP Calculus BC1nonebased on ACT or ALEKS score
2Math 110P and 129PMath 231
3, 4, and 5Math 110P, 129P, 231, and 232Math 233
CLEP - College Algebra50 and upMath 110PMath 130 or 152
CLEP - Precalculus50 and upMath110P and Math 129Math 231
CLEP - Calculus50 and upMath 231Math 232
International Baccalaureate, Mathematics Analysis and Approaches HL1, 2, or 3nonebased on ACT or ALEKS score
4, 5, 6, or 7Math 110P, 129P, 231, and 232Math 233
International Baccalaureate, Mathematics Analysis and Approaches SL1, 2, 3, and 4nonebased on ACT or ALEKS score
5, 6, or 7Math 110P, 129P, 231Math 232
International Baccalaureate, Mathematics Applications HL1, 2, or 3nonebased on ACT or ALEKS score
4, 5, 6, or 7Math 110P, MATH 129P, 231Math 232
International Baccalaureate, Mathematics Applications SL1, 2, 3, or 4nonebased on ACT or ALEKS score
5, 6, or 7Math 110P, 129PMath 231
SAT Math Portion *FALL 2024 NEW STUDENTS ONLY*610-670MATH 110PMATH 130 or MATH 152
680 or higherMATH 110P and MATH 129PMATH 231
Swiss Maturity Exam4.5 or greaterMath 110P, 129P, 231, and 232Math 233

Noteworthy Placement Considerations

  • MATH 115, 116, 117, 118, and 119 all satisfy the General Education Quantitative Reasoning (QR) requirement and are open to all students (no prerequisites).
  • The AP Statistics Exam is not accepted for math credit or placement
  • For students who took International Baccalaureate tests prior to 2021, credits are granted for IB Mathematics and Further Mathematics but not for Mathematical Studies. Please see this table for details.
  • SAT MATH scores will only be accepted as placement for new or transfer students who are beginning with the Fall 2024 term. Students who started at UNC-CH prior to Fall 2024 and have no other means of placement credit will need to take the ALEKS Placement Test for placement.
  • Additional information on exams accepted for placement credit is given here.

Placement Tests Offered at UNC

The Mathematics Department offers Calculus placement tests each semester on the last business day before classes begin. The departmental calculus placement exam is open only to students who already have been placed into MATH 231 or above. This exam is not a means to award credit. Rather, it is a means to appropriately place students within the calculus sequence.

The Math Department also offers an ALEKS placement test for Algebra and Precalculus. This test is intended for students who do not already have placement scores via the ACT or SAT Math Subject Test, but any student may take it. Students can take ALEKS at any time using online proctoring.

For course-specific placement questions not answered here, contact Dr. Linda Green.

For Additional Information Contact

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Placement: Linda Green (

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