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UNC Students Excel in Putnam Competition

UNC Students Excel in Putnam Competition

The Putnam competition results were announced on February 16, 2024. Out of 3,857 participants from 471 institutions, our students excelled. The average score was 13 out of 120, with a median score of 10, making a positive score a commendable achievement.

We want to congratulate the following UNC students who secured a place in the top 500:

  • Paul Hamrick: Score of 50 (Honorable Mention, 95th place)
  • Marvin Koonce: Score of 29 (480th place)

Special thanks to Professor Justin Sawon for his leadership of the weekly Problem Solving Seminar during the Fall semester. Justin’s dedication and work with the competition team have undoubtedly contributed to our students’ success in the Putnam mathematical competition. We appreciate your commitment, Justin!