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Phi Beta Kappa Initiates Exceptional Mathematics Scholars

Phi Beta Kappa Initiates Exceptional Mathematics Scholars

We are very proud to announce that the following 14 mathematics majors and/or double majors were initiated on October 30, 2023 into the Alpha of North Carolina Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the nation’s oldest and most honored college honorary society:

  • Aryaman Bana
  • Nicholas Chay Carter
  • Madeline Kate Ellis
  • Ryan Wade Helms
  • Andrew James Hoffman
  • Leah Mackenzie Howell
  • David William Karash
  • Ava Klissouras
  • Marvin Burke Koonce IV
  • Anna Elizabeth Lassiter
  • Yi Niu
  • Pratyush Seshadri
  • Hanji Sun
  • Kaibo Tang

Phi Beta Kappa was established by five students at the College of William & Mary during the American Revolution, driven by their shared motto, “Love of Learning is the Guide to Life.” In the midst of war, this began as a secret debating society, but over the next two centuries, it evolved into a vital institution. Phi Beta Kappa persists in celebrating individuals who demonstrate excellence through a comprehensive exploration of the arts and sciences during their undergraduate years. Its distinguished membership includes 17 U.S. Presidents, 38 U.S. Supreme Court Justices, and over 130 Nobel Laureates.

Congratulations everyone!