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Newhall and Team Awarded $2M NSF Grant to Revolutionize Materials

Newhall and Team Awarded $2M NSF Grant to Revolutionize Materials

Professor Katie Newhall is part of a team of five leading researchers spanning four prestigious universities that have just secured an impressive $2M NSF DMREF grant for their groundbreaking project: “Unleashing the Future with Hyperuniform Materials.” Their mission is to engineer a brand-new class of ultralight materials that will redefine the boundaries of what’s possible in terms of mechanical strength and transport properties, including thermal, acoustic, and electrical performance.

Newhall’s role involves developing innovative modeling techniques like network analysis and stochastic spatial-averaging to optimize designs efficiently while ensuring manufacturability.

Their grant is not just about research; it’s about inspiring the next generation of scientific leaders. With a focus on undergraduate and graduate education, they’re igniting a passion for multidisciplinary engineering, materials science, mathematics, and physics. The team is also on a mission to share their excitement with the world through publications, outreach, and internships, creating a wave of enthusiasm for materials research. With a strong commitment to entrepreneurship, they’re also empowering trainees to take their innovations to the market and change the world.

And all of this is made possible thanks to the generous support of NSF’s CMMI, DMS, and DMR divisions. Congratulations Katie!