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Dr. Camassa Receives Distinguished Fellowship

Dr. Camassa Receives Fellowship

Professor Camassa recently received a Rothschild Distinguished Fellowship from the Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences (INI), Cambridge England, UK. During  the 2022 summer and fall activities, Prof. Camassa participated in the program “Dispersive hydrodynamics: mathematics, simulation and experiments, with applications in nonlinear waves” (URL: As part of the program, he gave two keynote public lectures, as well as seminars in the program workshops and colloquia at institutions throughout the UK.

The Isaac Newton Institute of Mathematical Sciences is devoted to the advancement of mathematics “in the broadest sense.”  They strive to achieve this by employing strict criteria for program selection. As mentioned on their website, programs are selected by the extent to which the topic is “interdisciplinary, bringing together research workers with very different backgrounds and expertise.” Since the institute opened in July 1992, 27 Fields Medalists, 9 Nobel Laureates, 23 Wolf Prize winners, and 12 Abel Prize winners have attended programs at the institute.

The INI is able to award fellowships through generous donations. The fellowship awarded to Prof. Camassa was made possible by the support of the  NM Rothschild and Sons foundation. Many other institutions and individuals have also made donations to the Institute, including Hewlett-Packard, the Dill Faulkes Foundation, Leverhulme Trust, CNRS, Rosenbaum Foundation, PF Charitable Trust, London Mathematical Society, Prudential Corporation plc and the Clay Mathematics Institute.