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Tosteson, Philip

Philip Tosteson

Assistant Professor
Phillips Hall 386

Research Interests

Topology, combinatorics, representation theory

Professional Background

B.A. Williams College, 2013; Ph.D University of Michigan, 2019; L.E. Dickson Instructor University of Chicago, 2019-2023

Research Synopsis

Much of my research is concerned with the asymptotic structure of special families of topological spaces, for instance moduli spaces of curves and configuration spaces. To this end, I often use representation theory of combinatorial categories, such as the category of finite sets. I am also interested in connections between the topology of these spaces and arithmetic statistics, for example factorization statistics of polynomials.

Representative Publications

Categorifications of Rational Hilbert Series and Characters of FSop Modules
P. Tosteson,
Algebra and Number Theory, 16, 2433-2491, 2022

Stability in the Homology of Deligne-Mumford Compactifications
P. Tosteson,
Compositio Mathematica, 157 (12), 2021

Factorization Statistics and Bug–eyed Configuration Spaces
D. Petersen and P. Tosteson,
Geometry and Topology, 25, 3691-3723, 2021