Sawon, Justin

Justin Sawon

J. Burton Linker Fellow & Associate Professor

Chapman Hall 441

Research Interests

Algebraic and Differential Geometry, Topology, Mathematical Physics


Professional background

BSc & MSc, University of Adelaide, Australia, 1994 & 1996; Ph.D., University of Cambridge, UK, 2000; Junior Research Fellow, New College, Oxford, UK, 1999-2002; Simons Instructor, Stony Brook University, 2002-2006; Assistant Professor, Colorado State University, 2006-2009


Research Synopsis

I use techniques of complex algebraic and complex differential geometry to study hyperkaehler geometry. This is a kind of geometry based on Hamilton's quaternions. It arises naturally in string theory and other areas of high-energy theoretical physics, and my work is often inspired by physical ideas.


Representative Publications

On Lagrangian Fibrations by Jacobians I
J. Sawon,
Journal für die Reine und Angewandte Mathematik, 701, 127-151, 2015

Generalized Twistor Spaces for Hyperkähler Manifolds
R. Glover and J. Sawon,
Journal of the London Mathematical Society, 91, 2, 321-342, 2015

Lagrangian Fibrations on Hilbert Schemes of Points on K3 Surfaces
J. Sawon,
Journal of Algebraic Geometry, 16, 3, 477-497, 2007


Career Panel Series

Career Panel Series

The SIAM student chapter and GMA hosted a 3-day UNC Math Alumni Career Panel Series.

Mucha and Hinton Gilliam Fellowship

Mucha and Hinton Gilliam Fellowship

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