Rimanyi, Richard

Richard Rimanyi

Departmental Honors Advisor / Independent Study Coordinator

Chapman Hall 429

Research Interests

Geometry, Topology, Singularity theory


Professional background

BSc Eötvos Loránt University Budapest 1992; Ph.D. Eötvos Loránt University Budapest 1997; Assistant Professor, Eötvos Loránt University Budapest, 1997-2001; Zassenhaus Assitant Professor, The Ohio State University, 2001-2003


Research Synopsis

Global theory of singularities, characteristic classes of singular varieties, enumerative geometry, as well as related structures in geometry, algebra, and combinatorics.


Representative Publications

Motivic Characteristic Classes in Cohomological Hall Algebras
R. Rimányi,
Advances in Mathematics, 360, 106888, 2020

Thom Series of Contact Singularities
L. M. Feher, R. Rimányi,
Annals of Mathematics, 176, 3, 1381-1426, 2012

Thom Polynomials, Symmetries and incidences of Singularities
R. Rimányi,
Inventiones Mathematicae, 143, 499-521, 2001


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