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Dr. Tong (Tony) Gao, Michigan State University – Towards Multiscale Simulation and Modeling of Active Matter

October 12 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Mode: In-person

Title: Towards Multiscale Simulation and Modeling of Active Matter

Abstract: Active matter, a class of materials composed of self-driven microparticles, exhibits probably the richest yet most exotic non-equilibrium behaviors (e.g., density fluctuation, ordering transition). Moreover, they provide new means of energy conversion from local fuel to mechanical work, and have inspired novel designs of active materials. In this talk, I will go through our recent computation and modeling works of various active matter systems, which aim to uncover their underlying multiscale origins of unstable dynamics. First, I will present some direct simulations of dense active particle assemblies such as bacterial swarming. Our new particle solver fully resolves the normal collisions between particles with arbitrary convex shapes, and can incorporate the hydrodynamic effects via either the slender body model or the boundary integral method. Next, I will discuss a bottom-up coarse-grained continuum model for microtubule/motor protein assembly, and illustrate how the local particle-particle interactions lead to large-scale collective dynamics via a concatenation of hydrodynamic instabilities. Then I will show examples of building “living” soft machines by leveraging activity, coherent structures, and geometric confinements. In addition, I will briefly introduce our ongoing projects with targeted applications, including drug delivery, robotics control, and cardiac surgery.

There will be a tea from 3:30p-4:00p in PH 330 before this event.


October 12
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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