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Postdoc Awards for Research for Excellence

Each year, the Postdoctoral Awards for Research Excellence are given in recognition of the research promise demonstrated by individual postdoctoral scholars.  

Virginia Tech Contest

Congratulations to Shengding Sun who placed equal 31st with a score of 10 in the Virginia Tech contest.

Professors Camassa & McLaughlin, Postdoc D. Harris, and Grads M. Aminian and F. Bernardi

UNC Mathematicians publish new result at Science showing how boundaries affect chemical delivery in microfluidics

Metcalfe Gives AMS Invited Lecture

AMS held it’s Fall Southeastern Sectional Meeting on November 12-13, 2016, at North Carolina State University.  Jason Metcalfe was one of the presenters during this latest meeting.  Dr. Metcalfe’s talk was entitled:  Local energy decay for the wave equation; you can … Continued