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The Math Help Center (MHC) provides a variety of free tutoring services for students enrolled in Math courses numbered 110 through 233.

Drop-In Center

Our drop-in center provides free face-to-face tutoring with undergraduate tutors, graduate students, and faculty. Students are encouraged to drop in any time the MHC is open, for help on mathematics courses numbered 110 through 233. Although help is not guaranteed for courses numbered above 233, we may also be able to help you or at least refer you to someone who can help with these courses. The center opens on the first day of class and closes on the last day of class. The MHC is closed on days that the University is closed. Please be sure to sign in when you visit our drop-in center.

Drop-In Center Location And Fall Hours

237 Phillips Hall                                            Monday-Thursday                                 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

237 Phillips Hall                                            Friday                                                    10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Contact Us

Please contact Dr. Miranda Thomas at with questions, comments, or concerns about the Math Help Center services.

Tutoring Opportunities

The MHC has the following tutoring opportunities:

Work Study Tutors – must qualify for work study through financial aid as well as have a strong mathematical background

Volunteers – must have a strong mathematical background

If you are interested in either tutoring opportunity, please email Dr. Miranda Thomas at

MHC Spring 2020 Tutor Schedule

Holiday Hours



MHC Online Tutoring // Summer 2020

The Math Help Center will be hosting tutoring online over summer session. The MHC will open Wednesday May 13th, 2020.The MHC will be open via Zoom Monday-Thursday 12:30-2:30 PM. See Zoom Links below.


There will be no MHC hours during final exams, Memorial Day, or July 4th.