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Department of Mathematics Closed Course Information

*  Please read carefully BEFORE Course Request Forms go live  *

If you are a student trying to enroll in a class that, according to ConnectCarolina, is closed and you have not been able to waitlist the course, please note that spaces are added from time to time in response to increasing student demand. The Department of Mathematics has designed a “Course Request Form (CRF)” for students to use in order to request enrollment in a section of a Math course that is currently closed and waitlist capacity has been reached. These forms declare your desire to register for a particular section and your intent to “sit in” that section until the last day for schools/departments to add or drop a student using ConnectCarolina.

Once these forms are made available online (, all registration requests for closed courses will be made through use of this form.  Due to heavy volume, registrations will not be handled by email or by telephone.  Please use the CRF to indicate your registration need.  Once completed, submit the form to the department by clicking the “submit” button.  Submission of this form is only a request and does not guarantee registration.

If you are still not enrolled or waitlisted by the last day for all students to add a course or late register using ConnectCarolina, you MUST then complete the Math Department CRF.  As long as classroom capacity is not exceeded, you may attend class, do the work, and wait for a space to open up as other students rearrange their schedules up until Census Day, Tuesday, September 4, 2018.

Last day for all undergraduate students to add a course or late register using ConnectCarolina

Tuesday, September 4, 2018.

The CRFs are made available on the Department of Mathematics website once the waitlist process has officially ended by the University Registrar, and all digital waitlists have been purged from ConnectCarolina. The Math Department keeps copies of ConnectCarolina waitlists.  Students on these lists will receive priority enrollment (over CRF students), if seats become available.

CRFs will be available online for 72 hours

Beginning:  Tuesday, August 28, 2018, 4 p.m.

Ending:  Friday, August 31, 2018, 4 p.m.


Timeline and Instructions for completing Course Request Forms (CRFs)


  • CRFs will become available approximately one week after classes begin.
  • Go ahead and attend the class section you plan to request on the CRF. Instructors will take roll for the first two class meetings.  Write your name and PID on the class roster to indicate that you are “sitting in” and you intend to submit a CRF once they are made available online.
  • Registration from the CRFs will begin AFTER ConnectCarolina waitlisted students enroll.
  • If your requested section remains closed, you may keep sitting in and doing the work until the CRF is no longer valid (see below). Your request will be placed on a departmental waitlist for that section and you will be enrolled if space becomes available.
  • CRFs remain valid until the last day for departments to drop using ConnectCarolina.

Last day for schools/departments to add or drop a student using ConnectCarolina

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Instructions for completing the CRF:

  • You may request more than one MATH course (i.e., MATH ABC and MATH DEF), but not more than one section per course. Example:  you may not request MATH ABC section 001 and 002 and 003.  You must CHOOSE ONE SECTION of a course and commit yourself to sitting in that section.
  • To request a MATH section, circle the action “ADD” and list the course, section number and *class ID number. (Note: this action does not automatically add you to the course.  Please check your schedule often to see if your request was granted.)
  • If you need to drop a course to make room for the MATH course you are requesting, please list the course and class ID number for the course to drop and circle “DROP.” Sections cannot be dropped without the class ID number.
  • You will NOT be notified if you are successfully enrolled in your requested course. You should check your schedule often to see if the requested course appears.
  • Priority will be given to students who need a MATH course and are not currently registered for one.
  • If there are problems with your registration (i.e., course overload/underload, holds on accounts, etc.) your CRF cannot be processed. You will be notified of the problem via email at the department’s earliest opportunity.
  • Signing the CRF gives the department permission to make changes to your schedule. It also certifies your adherence to the UNC Honor Code in this matter.
  • The CRF is found at this link:

Closed Course Request Form

*Definition of “Class ID Number”:  A class number is the 4-5 digit number found in the third column (marked “class number”) of the Mathematics Course Schedule found on ConnectCarolina.