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The Math Department uses undergraduates as classroom assistants (also called “Learning Assistants”) in some of the following classes:

  • Math 110 (Algebra)
  • Math 130 (Precalculus)
  • Math 231 (Calculus 1)
  • Math 232 (Calculus 2)
  • Math 233 (Multivariable Calculus)
  • Math 383 (Differential Equations)
  • MATH 347 (Linear Algebra)
  • Math 528 (Math Methods for the Physical Sciences)

If you have taken one or more of these classes at UNC (or the equivalent elsewhere) and received at least a B in the class, and if you like talking about math and helping other students, then we want you!

Please email Miranda Thomas at for more information, or APPLY HERE.


What do Learning Assistants do? The assistants attend every class. When the instructor give students a problem to work on or a concept question to discuss, the assistants circulate around the room and answer questions from students. If there are no hands up, they engage the students by asking things like “What are you thinking?”, “Do you know what to do first?” etc. and give hints or ask leading questions.  Some assistants also hold review sessions before tests or on a weekly basis, or hold 1-on-1 tutoring sessions outside of class.

Do Learning Assistants get paid, or get course credit?  This year there are three options.

  1. Assistants can get paid though work study, if they are eligible
  2. Assistants can get 1 unit of course credit  by:
    1. registering for Math 296 with Erin Willis in Phillips 336
    2. completing training,
    3. assisting every class period,
    4. holding one hour review sessions, office hour, or 1-on-1 tutoring sessions every week,
    5. writing a final paper.
  3. Assistants can volunteer without compensation. Many students volunteer because they enjoy explaining math to other students and find it a good way  to get teaching experience and to keep up their skills.

What kind of training will I receive? Training will be held with staff from the Learning Center.

We will ask all Learning Assistants to attend training, regardless of their compensation status. Students who have already attended training during a previous semester are expected to attend only parts of the training (to be specified).

Throughout the semester, the instructor of the class will let you know what they want you to do on a week to week basis.

How can I apply? Please fill out this online form.