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Rodriguez, Casey

July 28, 2021

RESEARCH INTERESTS Partial differential equations, continuum mechanics

Kovalsky, Shahar

August 3, 2020

Research Interests Optimization, Computational Geometry, Machine Learning, Medical Imaging

Dumitrescu, Olivia

July 16, 2020

RESEARCH INTERESTS Algebraic geometry, Topological Recursion, Hitchin systems

Saenz, Pedro

July 31, 2019

Research Interests Soft Matter Physics, Fluid Dynamics, Physical Mathematics

Rose, David

September 7, 2016

Research Interest Categorification, representation theory, and low-dimensional topology

Hong, Jiuzu

September 7, 2016

Research Interest Representation Theory & Algebraic Geometry

Canzani, Yaiza

September 7, 2016

Research Interest Spectral Theory, Microlocal Analysis, PDEs  and Geometric Analysis