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Flows of complex fluids, with applications in materials science (nano-rod and platelet dispersions, liquid crystalline materials), solar energy, and biological media (ranging from individual cells to lung liquids). Research includes the development of models and analysis to describe: spatial and temporal scales that span molecular to processing scales; dynamics & structure competitions between soft molecular phases and flow; and effective material properties which result from molecular morphology created during processing. Faculty collaborate with the Superfine and Lopez groups in Physics and Astronomy, the Ashby, DeSimone, Rubinstein, Sheiko, and Samulski groups in Chemistry, several faculty (Boucher, Button, Hill, Tarran) in the Cystic Fibrosis Center, in mechanochemical modeling of cells with the Bloom group in Biology and the Jacobson group in Cell and Developmental Biology, and in antibody-pathogen diffusion-reaction processes in mucus with Sam Lai’s lab in Pharmacy.