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Difference Between The Master’s Thesis And The Master’s Project

  • Candidates for the Master of Arts degree are required to write a Master’s Thesis while candidates for the Master of Science degree have a choice between either a Master’s Thesis or a Master’s project.
  • The Master’s Project is a substitute for the more formal Master’s Thesis. Both Master’s degrees require a written report of comparable effort and character. The Master’s Thesis is subject to strict composition guidelines enforced by the University while the Master’s Project is subject to the current standards of mathematical presentation.

Guidelines For A Master’s Thesis Or Project

  • The Master’s Thesis is traditionally a written expository work on some area of mathematics. The Master’s Project can range from a Master’s Thesis to a substantial written report on a research project in some applied area. The nature of the Master’s Thesis or Project is determined in consultation with the student and the Master’s Committee of the student.
  • Students should sign up for at least 3 credits of Math 992 for the Master’s Project or at least 3 credits of Math 993 for the Master’s Thesis. This guarantees full time student status for that semester. Students should normally sign up for 992 or 993 in the semester prior to the date they expect to receive the Master’s degree.
  • Students who are reading for a Master’s Project or Thesis may sign up for the adviser’s section of Math 920. Note that 3 credits of Math 920 does not confer full time student status for that semester.

Composition Of The Master’s Committee

The Master’s Committee consists of three people: the adviser of the student, who is also Chair of the Committee, and two readers.