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Questions not answered by the document should be addressed to the Director of Graduate Studies (see Administrative Contact Information).

Written Examinations

  • Candidates for either the M.S. or M.A. degree are required to pass at the Master’s level one of the written Ph.D. qualifying examinations. The committee which writes and grades a Ph.D. qualifying exam shall determine what constitutes a Master’s level pass.
  • The written exams will be administered to Master’s and Ph.D. candidates at the same time and place. Exams are offered twice each in year, in August and January in the week before classes begin.
  • A Master’s candidate must pass the written qualifying exam by the beginning of the sixth semester to stay in the Master’s program.
  • A Ph.D. candidate who passes one or more of the written Ph.D. qualifying exams will be given credit for passing the written Master’s qualifying exam.

Oral Examinations

Candidates for either of the two Master’s degrees are also required to pass an oral examination to be taken near the end of the student’s program of study but after the completion of the Master’s thesis or project. In this examination the student will be expected to discuss with the committee the thesis or project. The student should also be prepared to answer questions on the courses in his or her program.