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The J. Burton Linker Fund, established by J. Burton Linker, Jr. ’44 of Chapel Hill and Edward M. Linker of Martinsville, Va., in honor of UNC-CH Mathematics Professor J. Burton Linker, provides for the annual Linker Award. The Linker Award is given by the Department to the graduate student who has shown the greatest effectiveness as a teacher of undergraduate mathematics courses. Recipients of the Linker Award also receive a significant cash award at the Departmental Commencement following each spring semester.


1988Mark McCombs
Terry Bridgman
1989James Brawner
1990Donna Molinek
1991Lars Kjeseth
1992Bathi Kasturiarachchi
1993Richard Hammack
1994Julie Barnes
Karen Brown
1995David Lyons
1996Lisa DeMeyer
1997Adam Fitzgerald
Robert Donnelly
1998Jason Miller
1999John Terilla
2000Kyle Kneisl
2001James Bonn
2002Rachelle DeCoste
2003Jeffrey DiFranco
2004Stephen Lau
2005Elizabeth Sell
2006Emily Gamber
2007Charles Hague
2008Andrea Richmond
2009Nathan Pennington
2010Ellen Gasparovic
2011Emily Laura Braley
2012Rachel Louise Bayless
2013Andrea Overbay
Reed Ogrosky


In addition, UNC Mathematics graduate students are often the recipients of University teaching awards.