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Questions not answered by the document should be addressed to the Director of Graduate Studies (see Administrative Contact Information).

  • Computer language requirements are the same for Ph.D. and Master’s students.
  • Passing the following courses at UNC will be sufficient to satisfy the computer language requirement:
    • MATH 565
    • MATH 566
    • MATH 661
    • MATH 662
    • MATH 761
    • MATH 762
    • COMP 110
    • COMP 116
    • COMP 121
    • COMP 401
    • Any computer science course which lists one of these courses as a prerequisite.
  • A Master’s or Ph.D. student may also satisfy the computer language requirement by passing an approved one semester undergraduate course on computer programming at any university.
  • If the course title title on the transcript is not self-explanatory, then a syllabus, text or other information may be required. In all cases where there is some question about whether a course fulfills the requirement the Graduate Director will decide in consultation with the Faculty Computer Chair and possibly others from the Graduate Committee.

Guidelines For A Computer Language Exam

  • The Graduate Committee will keep a core list of approved computer languages and the Director of Graduate Studies will keep the students informed. Any requests for a test in a language not on the list must be approved by the Graduate Committee. Requests for a test in an approved language may be denied if an appropriate faculty member is not available to design a test.
  • For each approved request the Director of Graduate Studies will appoint a faculty member to design and administer the test.
  • The test should be administered in Phillips Hall. A student taking the test should be allowed to bring and use an approved manual on the programming language used for the test. All programs relevant to the test should be written in the course of taking the test. The time allotted for the test should be three hours.
  • An exam in a given computer language will normally be offered once each semester, provided there is a demand for it and available faculty can meet the demand. An exam in a given computer language might be offered more than once in a semester, subject to the approval of the Director of Graduate Studies.
  • Students should apply for a test at least one month in advance of the desired testing date. This will provide time to ensure the availability of appropriate software and other materials and to determine the acceptibility of the proposed computer language, if not on the official list.
  • Once a test date for a given computer language has been determined it will be announced. Any graduate student will then be eligible to take the test on that date but should inform the Director of Graduate Studies.
  • Each student should be informed of the test result within two weeks of taking the exam. Students passing the exam should be informed in writing, and a copy of this letter should be given to the Graduate Secretary for the official departmental records. The exam paper should be saved for one year.