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The Goodman-Peterson Award

The Goodman-Petersen Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Education were established thanks to a donation from UNC Mathematics Alumni Jennifer Johnson and Janos Kollar, and they are given annually by the Department to faculty for excellence in the teaching of Mathematics in undergraduate education. The awards are intended to highlight the accomplishments of Mathematics Department instructors who have made a great contribution to undergraduate instruction over the last two years. The awards are named after two of our Emeritus Faculty members, Professors Sue Goodman and Karl Petersen, both of whom showed incredible devotion to undergraduate education throughout their careers.

Linda Green – 2023 Corecipient
Shahar Kovalsky – 2023 Corecipient


Past Recipients

  • 2023: Linda Green and Shahar Kovalsky
  • 2022: Jason Metcalfe and Richard Rimanyi
  • 2021: Emily Burkhead and Yaiza Canzani
  • 2020: Thomas Beck
  • 2019: Hans Christianson and Mark McCombs
  • 2018: Linda Green and Richard Rimanyi
  • 2017: Jason Metcalfe