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 For Undergraduate Math Majors

Q: How do I talk to a Math Department Advisor?

A: Each semester, in preparation for class registration, Group advising sessions are held to remove advising holds, as well as optional individual appointments for anyone.  If you’d like to speak to someone during another time of the year, please contact Erin Willis, our Undergraduate Student Services Manager.

Q: What is the natural sequence of courses in math?

A: Go through the Calculus sequence (231, 232, 233) then take the “intermediate level courses,” namely 381, 383, 547(347). Then choose the necessary amount of the 500-level courses. Some deviations from this plan are possible though.  Most all 500-level classes can be taken in any order.

Q: Should I take Linear Algebra in Math 547(347), Math 577 or both?

A: (Note, Math 547 is being renamed Math 347; these are the same course – Linear Algebra with Applications)  Most students are advised to take Math 547(347). It teaches the tools and the power of linear algebra, with little emphasis on the reasonings behind. When you are ready to take 500-level courses, and you like theoretical mathematics, and you liked linear algebra in Math 547(347) you may decide to learn the theory behind and take Math 577 as one of your 500-level classes. The most theoretically-minded students can skip Math 547(347) and jump straight to Math 577.

Q: Which 500-level courses should I take?

A: We suggest to explore. Follow your taste, take classes that are natural continuations of classes you enjoyed.  A Math Department Advisor can help make suggestions too.

Q: Should I take Math 521 early or late?

A: Math 521 is a required course. It is challenging, but if you completed Math 381 then you should be ready for it. It is also possible to take a few 500-level classes before 521. Some other 500-level courses have Math 521 as a prerequisite, if you want to go in that direction you need to take Math 521 early (but after Math 381). The mathematical sophistication you learn in Math 521 will be useful in many other classes, so there are benefits to taking it sooner rather than later.

Q: Can I get credit for both STOR 435 and MATH 535?

A: No. These are the exact same courses, you can get credit for one or the other.  

Q: Is the Math BS or Math BS-applied major better for employment?

A: Same. They are both very solid degrees that employers appreciate. We are not aware of any preference employers have between these two. We suggest that you take math courses according to your taste and strengths, and choose your degree based on those.

Q: Justin Bieber or Hannah Montana?

A: The Department of Mathematics has no official opinion on this question.

Q: Math 515 History of Mathematics is not offered, when will it be offered?

A: Indeed, it has not been offered recently, and may not be offered in the near future. Math 551 Euclidean and Non-euclidean Geometry has some historical and philosophical components.

Q: Will ______ be offered next summer?

A: Summer classes are usually decided in January and finalized in April. Usually the following 500-level classes are offered in the summers. Summer-1: 521, 528, 528L, 533, 535, 547, 566. Summer-2: 521, 547.