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Sáenz, Pedro J

Pedro Sáenz

Assistant Professor
Phillips Hall 314

Research Interests

Physical Applied Mathematics, Soft and Active Matter, Hydrodynamic Quantum Analogs, Nonequilibrium Physics, Fluid Mechanics


Professional background

Assistant Professor, UNC-Chapel Hill, 2019-present; Instructor in Applied Mathematics, MIT, 2015-2019; Postdoctoral Fellow, Imperial College London, 2015; Ph.D., University of Edinburgh, 2010-2014; M.Sc & B.Sc, University of La Rioja, 2008


Research Synopsis

Sáenz directs the Physical Mathematics Laboratory (PML), a multidisciplinary research lab where theoretical and experimental developments both inspire and constrain one another. PML’s research interests find motivation in very diverse areas, including hydrodynamic quantum analogs, soft and active matter, nonequilibrium physics, collective phenomena, and fluid mechanics. Members of PML exploit in-situ experimental observations and measurements to inform and test their mathematical theories and numerical simulations until predictive power emerges. Visit the lab website to learn more about PML’s latest research.


Representative Publications

Emergent Order in Hydrodynamic Spin Lattices
Sáenz, P. J., Pucci, G., Turton, S., Goujon, A., Rosales, R. R., Dunkel, J., Bush, J.,
Nature, 596, pages 58–62, 2021

A Hydrodynamic Analog of Friedel Oscillation
Sáenz, P. J., Cristea-Platon, T., & Bush, J. W. M.,
Science Advances, 6, 20, 2020

Statistical Projection Effects in A Hydrodynamic Pilot-Wave System
Sáenz, P. J., Cristea-Platon, T., & Bush, J. W. M.,
Nature Physics, 14, pages 315–319, 2018

Dynamics and Universal Scaling Law in Geometrically-Controlled Sessile Drop Evaporation
Sáenz, P. J., Wray, A. W., Che, Z., Matar, O. K., Valluri, P., Kim, J., & Sefiane, K.,
Nature Communications, 8, 14783, 2017


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