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Rozansky, Lev

Lev Rozansky

Chapman Hall 433

Representative Publications

Matrix Factorizations and Link Homology
M. Khovanov, L. Rozansky,
Fundamenta Mathematicae, 199, 1-91 , 2008

Hyper-Kähler Geometry and Invariants of 3-Manifolds
L. Rozansky, E. Witten,
Selecta Mathematica, 3, 401, 1997

Quantum Field theory for the Multivariable Alexander-Conway Polynomial
L. Rozansky, H. Saleur,
Nuclear Physics B, 376, 461-509, 1992


McCombs in The Daily Tarheel

McCombs in The Daily Tarheel

Professor McCombs, combines math, fractals and origami... Career Panel Series

Career Panel Series

The SIAM student chapter and GMA hosted a 3-day UNC Math Alumni Career Panel Series.