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Rose, David

David Rose

Associate Professor
Phillips Hall 302

Research Interests

Low-dimensional topology, representation theory, homological algebra, category theory

Professional Background

BS, The College of William and Mary, 2006; CASt Part III, Christ's College, University of Cambridge, 2007; Ph.D., Duke University, 2012; Busemann Assistant Professor, Postdoc, University of Southern California, 2012-2016

Research Synopsis

I am broadly interested in low-dimensional topology, representation theory, and their interactions. My current work aims to prove structural results concerning homological and quantum invariants of knots and links, with an eye towards topological applications. I am also interested in various related structures, for example, categorified quantum groups, quantum invariants of 3-manifolds, skein modules, and in the homological algebra underlying their study.

Representative Publications

Sutured Annular Khovanov-Rozansky Homology
H. Queffelec and D.E.V. Rose,
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, 370, 1285-1319, 2018

The Sl(N) Foam 2-Category: A Combinatorial formulation of Khovanov-Rozansky Homology via Categorical Skew Howe Duality
H. Queffelec and D.E.V. Rose,
Advances in Mathematics, 302, 1251-1339, 2016

Deformations of Colored Sl(N) Link Homologies Via Foams
D.E.V. Rose and P. Wedrich,
Geometry & Topology, 20, 3431–3517, 2016