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Rodriguez, Casey

Casey Rodriguez

Assistant Professor
Phillips Hall 307

Research Interests

Partial differential equations, continuum mechanics

Professional Background

B.S. Texas A&M University, 2010; M.S. Texas A&M University, 2011; Ph.D. University of Chicago, 2017; CLE Moore Instructor MIT, 2017-2021

Representative Publications

On an Elastic Strain-limiting Special Cosserat Rod Model
K. R. Rajagopal and C. Rodriguez,
Math. Models Methods Appl. Sci., 33, 1-30, 2023

Special Cosserat Rods with Rate-Dependent Evolving Natural Configurations
K. R. Rajagopal and C. Rodriguez,
Int. J. Eng. Sci., 191, 103890, 19 pp., 2023

Dynamics of Bubbling Wave Maps with Prescribed Radiation
J. Jendrej, A. Lawrie and C. Rodriguez,
Ann. Sci. de l'ENS., 55, 1135-1198, 2022