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Kovalsky, Shahar Z

Shahar Kovalsky

Assistant Professor
Phillips Hall 306

Research Interests

Numerical optimization, computational geometry and imaging, machine learning and their applications in biology and medicine.


Professional background

B.Sc ECE-Math, Ben Gurion University, Israel, 2007; M.Sc. ECE,  Ben Gurion University, Israel, 2008; Ph.D Applied Math and Computer Science, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, 2016; Postdoctoral positions: Weizmann Institute of Science, 2016, Duke University, 2016-2020.


Research Synopsis

My research focuses on numerical optimization, applied geometry, computer graphics, vision and machine learning, with applications to the sciences and engineering. I am particularly interested in problems involving, in a very broad sense, optimization and geometry: various aspects of shape representation, processing, manipulation, analysis and comparison, but also problems pertaining to the geometrical properties of general signals and data; my passion is in constructing and analyzing algorithms for dealing with ''real-world'' data and problems.


Representative Publications

Application of a Machine Learning Algorithm to Predict Malignancy in Thyroid Cytopathology
D. Range, D. Dov, S.Z. Kovalsky, R. Henao, L. Carin, J. Cohen,
Cancer Cytopathology, 128,4,287-295, 2020

Non-Convex Planar Harmonic Maps
S.Z. Kovalsky, N. Aigerman, I. Daubechies, M. Kazhdan, J. Lu, S. Steinerberger,
arXiv, online, 01/05, 2020, 2020

Controlling Singular Values With Semidefinite Programming
S.Z. Kovalsky, N. Aigerman, R. Basri, Y. Lipman,
Association for Computing Machinery Transactions on Graphics, 33, 4, 68, 1-13, 2014


Metcalfe Awarded for Excellence

Metcalfe Awarded for Excellence

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