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Dumitrescu, Olivia M

Olivia Dumitrescu

Assistant Professor
Phillips Hall 340

Research Interests

Algebraic geometry, Topological Recursion, Hitchin systems


Professional background

Professional Background: B.S. University of Bucharest, 2004; Ph.D. Colorado State University, 2010; Postdoctoral positions: University of Davis, California, 2010-2013, University of Hannover, 2013-2015, Max-Planck Institute for Mathematics, Bonn, 2016.


Research Synopsis

Current research directions include: Enumerative geometry, Topological recursion, Quantum curves for Hitchin Systems, Relations to Gromov-Witten theory, Degeneration theory, Toric geometry, Birational geometry.


Representative Publications

Positivity of Divisors on Blown-Up Projective Spaces, II
O. Dumitrescu and E. Postinghel,
Journal of Algebra, 529, 226-267, 2019

A Journey From the Hitchin Section To the Oper Moduli
O. Dumitrescu,
Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics, 98 , 107- 137, 2018

Quantum Curves for Hitchin Fibrations and the Eynard-Orantin theory
O. Dumitrescu and M. Mulase,
Letters in Mathematical Physics, 104, 6, 635 - 671, 2014


Rimanyi Distinguished Professor

Rimanyi Distinguished Professor

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