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Canzani-Garcia, Yaiza

Yaiza Canzani-Garcia

Associate Professor
Phillips Hall 305

Research Interests

PDEs, Semiclassical Analysis, Mathematical Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Differential Geometry


Professional background

BS. Universidad de la República, Uruguay 2008; Ph.D. McGill University, Montreal 2013; Member of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton 2014-2015; Benjamin Peirce Fellow, Harvard University, Boston 2013-2016


Research Synopsis

Canzani's research focuses on understanding the behavior of Laplace eigenfunctions, φλ, using techniques of harmonic analysis, spectral theory, geometric analysis, microlocal analysis, probability, and dynamical systems. From a quantum mechanics point of view, |φλ(x)|2 represents the probability for finding a quantum particle of energy λ2 at the point >(x. As a result, understanding how φλ concentrates is a crucial problem for the mathematical physics community. Most of Canzani's research concerns the high energy regime λ→∞.


Representative Publications

Topology and Nesting of the Zero Set Components of Monochromatic Random Waves
Y. Canzani and P. Sarnak.,
Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics, 72 , 2, 343-374, 2019

On the Growth of Eigenfunction Averages: Microlocalization and Geometry
Y. Canzani and J. Galkowski.,
Duke Mathematical Journal, 168, 16, 2991-3055, 2017

Scaling Limit for the Kernel of the Spectral Projector and Remainder Estimates in the Pointwise Weyl Law
Y. Canzani and B. Hanin.,
Analysis and Partial Differential Equations, 8, 7, 1707-1731, 2015


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