Camassa, Roberto A

Roberto Camassa

Kenan Distinguished Professor

Phillips Hall 318

Representative Publications

A First-Principle Mechanism for Particulate Aggregation and Self-Assembly in Stratified Fluids
R .Camassa, D. Harris, R. Hunt, Z. Kilic, and R. M. McLaughlin,
Nature Communications, 10, 5804, 2019

How Boundaries Shape Chemical Delivery in Microfluidics
M. Aminian, F. Bernardi, R. Camassa, R Harris, and R. M. McLaughlin,
Science, 354, 6317, 1252-1256, 2016

Squaring the Circle: Geometric Skewness and Symmetry Breaking for Passive Scalar Transport in Ducts and Pipes
M. Aminian, F. Bernardi, R. Camassa, and R. M. McLaughlin,
Physical Review Letters, 115, 154503, 2015


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