Assani, Idris

Idris Assani


Phillips Hall 305A

Research Interests

Ergodic theory, probability, harmonic analysis, operator theory


Professional background

Doctorat 3eme cycle, Pure Math, University Paris 6-France, 1981; Bachelor, Commerce, University Paris Dauphine, France, 1981; Doctorat es Sciences, Pure Math., University Paris 6, France-1986; Post-Doctoral fellowship - University of Toronto, Canada, 1986-1988; UNC-Chapel Hill 1988-present


Research Synopsis

I am working on pointwise questions in dynamical systems and ergodic theory. This is quite a large field which connects several mathematical research areas, such as Probability, Harmonic Analysis, and Operator theory. Such questions naturally arise in research areas such as return times phenomena and non-conventional ergodic averages, H. Furstenberg and T. Gowers. I solved several important problems and raised others. I have also organized an Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems workshop on a yearly basis with NSF support since the summer 2002. Young researchers as well as topnotch researchers have been collaborating as evidenced by several published proceedings of these workshops.


Representative Publications

Pointwise Convergence of Ergodic Averages Along Cubes
I. Assani,
Journal d'Analyse Mathématique, 110, 241-269, 2010

An L1 Counting Problem in Ergodic theory
I. Assani, Z. Buczolich and D. Mauldin ,
Journal d'Analyse Mathématique, 95, 221-241, 2005

Strong Laws for Weigthted Sums of Ii Random Variables
I. Assani,
Duke Mathematics Journal, 88, 2, 217-246, 1997


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