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Applied Mathematics Colloquium – Thomas P. Witelski (Duke University)

Phillips Hall 332

Coarsening dynamics of condensing fluid thin films Abstract: The behavior of thin layers of viscous fluids coating solid surfaces is of importance in many industrial and natural applications. Interfacial instabilities and pattern formation can occur in films on water-repellent surfaces. Thin … Read more

Applied Mathematics Colloquium – Boris Landa (Yale University)

Phillips Hall 247

Title: Detection and recovery of low-rank signals under heteroskedastic noise  Abstract: A fundamental task in data analysis is to detect and recover a low-rank signal in a noisy data matrix. Typically, this task is addressed by inspecting and manipulating the spectrum … Read more

Geometric Methods in Rep Theory Seminar – Jianqiao Xia (Harvard)

Phillips Hall 383

Title: Equivalence of Hecke Categories with Deeper Level Structures Abstract: Inspired by the theory of positive depth representations of p-adic reductive groups, we study Hecke categories associated to certain open compact subgroups smaller than the Iwahori subgroup. In this talk, … Read more

M. E. Taylor Analysis and PDE Seminar – Peter McGrath (NCSU)

Phillips Hall 385

Eigenvalue Optimization and Minimal Surfaces Abstract. I will discuss a new method, developed in collaboration with M. Karpukhin, R. Kusner, and D. Stern, for constructing minimal surfaces embedded in the 3-sphere and the 3-ball, by equivariant eigenvalue optimization. A main … Read more

Geometric Methods in Rep Theory Seminar – Luke Conners (UNC)

Phillips Hall 385

Row-Column Mirror Symmetry for Colored Torus Knot Homology Abstract. The HOMFLYPT polynomial is a 2-variable link invariant generalizing the celebrated Jones polynomial and other Type A quantum link polynomials. Its construction passes through a Hecke algebra representation of the braid … Read more

Physically Inspired Mathematics Seminar – Marco Castronovo

Phillips Hall 383

Curved Fukaya algebras and the Dubrovin spectrum Abstract: The cohomology ring of a compact symplectic manifold can be deformed by counting pseudo-holomorphic spheres. Fukaya-Oh-Ohta-Ono developed an obstruction theory that explains when Lagrangian submanifolds yield modules over such deformation, based on … Read more