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Kyle Kloster, Applied Mathematics Colloquium

September 8, 2016

Tea at 3:30 in Phillips Hall 330 Title: Diffusions for Network Analysis: fast algorithms and localization results Abstract: Network analysis provides tools for addressing fundamental applications in graphs such as webpage ranking, protein-function prediction, and product categorization and recommendation. As … Continued

Ian Philipp, GMA Seminar

September 8, 2016

Title: The p-adic Numbers: From Local to Global Abstract: The often mentioned (but scarcely used at UNC) p-adic numbers play a role in many branches of mathematics (and even recently in quantum mechanics). This talk aims to give an introduction to p-adic … Continued

Jane Hawkins, Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems Seminar

September 8, 2016

Title:  Benford’s Law:  Detecting fraud in business using ergodic theory Abstract:  Benford’s Law is the observation that in many collections of numbers like mathematical tables or real-life data,  the leading significant digits are not uniformly distributed, as might be expected, … Continued

Matt Knepley, Applied Mathematics Colloquium

September 7, 2016

Tea at 3:30 in Phillips Hall 330 Title: Improved Solvation Models using Boundary Integral Equations Abstract: Solvation mechanics is concerned with the, mostly electrostatic, interaction of solute molecules, such as biomolecules essential for life, with solvent molecules, water and sometimes … Continued

You Qi, Geometric Methods in Representation Theory

September 8, 2016

Title: On the center of small quantum groups Abstract: We will report some recent progress on the problem of finding the center of small quantum groups. This will be based on joint work with Anna Lachowska.​

Francesca Bernardi (UNC-CH) and Dr. Daniel Harris (UNC-CH), GMA Seminar

September 12, 2016

Title:  Tailoring Tails in Taylor Dispersion – how boundaries shape chemical deliveries in microfluidics Abstract: We present the results of a combined computational, theoretical, and experimental investigation of the dispersion of a passive scalar in laminar shear flow through rectangular and … Continued

Lev Ostrovsky, Colloquium

September 15, 2016

Tea at 3:30 pm Title: Perturbation theory of solitons and their behavior as particles Abstract: The term “soliton” is now widely known even among the non-specialists. Solitary waves on water surface were first observed by J. Scott Russell in 1834. … Continued