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Applied Mathematics Colloquium – Dr. Natalie Stanley, Stanford University

Dr. Natalie Stanley, Postdoctoral Fellow in Aghaeepour Lab Stanford University Title: Leveraging Cellular Heterogeneity for Predictive Modeling of Single-Cell Data Abstract: Advancements in single-cell technologies enable the profiling of gene and protein expression at a single-cell level. These technologies are being increasingly … Continued

Applied Mathematics Colloquium – Jennifer Crodelle,

Title: A simple mathematical model of synapse formation in the developing visual cortex of mice Abstract: The mammalian primary visual cortex (V1) contains neurons that respond preferentially to oriented visual stimuli (e.g., horizontal bars). In the mouse, these orientation-preferring neurons … Continued

Dr. Amarjit Budhiraja, UNC-CH – Numerical Approaches for Computing Quasi-stationary Distributions

Phillips Hall 332

Mode: In-person Title: Numerical Approaches for Computing Quasi-stationary Distributions Abstract: Markov processes with absorbing states occur frequently in epidemiology, statistical physics, population biology, and other areas. Quasi-stationary distributions (QSD) are the basic mathematical object used to describe the long-time behavior … Continued