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Presentation Guidelines:

Below are some project ideas you can use to show us what your interests are. (Updated 6/21/21)

Algebra Projects

Analysis Projects

Applied Projects

Topology Projects

Miscellaneous Projects



Past Projects


Spring 2020

Project MenteeMentor
Applied MathematicsYixuan MaoKatherine Daftari
Category TheoryMartin MengBradley Hicks
Emma PickardAndrew Adair
Special and General RelativityAlexander StewartYiyan Shou
Computational Optimal TransportXinwei XueWesley Hamilton
Zimeng WangCollin Kofroth


Fall 2019

Project MenteeMentor
Differential Geometry and RelativityAndrew AlbertiYiyan Shou
Real AnalysisMax BrockmannHunter Dinkins
ManifoldsCameron KassCollin Kofroth
Pulmonary ModelingJuliet MolaJordan Brown
Spectral Graph TheoryIbrahim MubarekWesley Hamilton
Hyperbolic GroupsCooper SchooneWesley Hamilton
Number Theory and CryptographyEvan SunBradley Hicks


Spring 2019

Project MenteeMentor
Quantum CalculusCai DavisBradley Hicks
Dynamical Systems and ChaosMatthew GregoireColin Kofroth
Number TheoryMingming LangJay Havaldar
Differential Geometry and GeodesicsZoe LiColin Thomson
Differential TopologyXiangrui LuoYiyan Shou
Dynamical Systems in NeuroscienceAllison SwagertWesley Hamilton
Galois Theory and ConstructionsAbigail WatkinsHunter Dinkins


Fall 2018

Project MenteeMentor
Category TheoryRio AlvaradoBradley Hicks
Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, and BiologyMaggie CaiClaire Kiers
Topological Data Analysis, Persistent HomologyDaniel CantwellWesley Hamilton
Lie Algebras and Representation TheoryCooper FaileSam Jeralds
Elliptic Curves and CryptographyLily GergleJosh Kiers
Distribution Theory, Fourier TransformRoark Habegger Blake Keeler
Galois TheoryHarry Kmeic Paul Kruse
Projective GeometryDylan O’ConnorRussell Arnold
Numerical Methods for Hamiltonian DynamicsDaniel Pezzi Colin Thomson
Differential Geometry and RelativityRachel SloverKatri Morgan
Combinatorics in Representation TheoryNick Tapp-HughesMichael Strayer
Group Representations and CharactersXiaowei Wu Avery Wilson
Matrix GroupsAlvis ZhaoYiyan Shou