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If you have an advising flag, attend a Group Advising Session on Monday, May 24th at 2 PM or Tuesday, May 25th at 10 AM. Please see Zoom information below.


Please read these instructions carefully, so that you do not miss the important advising deadline for the Math Department.


Course registration for Fall 2021 opens on Tuesday, June 1st. You can check the time of your enrollment appointment by clicking “details” under the “Enrollment Dates” heading in your ConnectCarolina account.


If your primary major is Math, you have completed/are currently enrolled/have transfer credit for MATH 233, AND you have not been advised by the Math department before, you will find that an advising flag has been placed on your student account which prevents you from registering for Fall 2021 classes. You MUST attend a meeting with a Math departmental advisor before you can have your registration flag removed. The following instructions will assist you in making the department advising process to run smoothly:


You can check to see if you have an advising flag by clicking “details” under the “Holds” heading in your ConnectCarolina account. If you have an advising hold, you will see a hold called “Advisor Approval Required.” You can see a visual of the holds at:



Click this link for general advising information for undergraduate students in the Department of Mathematics.

Information includes an overview of the math major, course overviews, graduate classes, UNC-Best, graduate school, and careers in mathematics.

Please contact Erin Willis at if you have additional questions.