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The mission of the Department of Mathematics is to extend the frontiers of mathematical knowledge and the ways it is used in the real world, to disseminate that knowledge and train the next generation of teachers and researchers, as well as those choosing careers with industry or government. The Department is committed to building and nourishing interaction with other units across campus using mathematics, institutes and industries in the research triangle, across the state and the nation. The Department maintains a strong research program as well as a comprehensive educational program. An active, healthy research environment is essential for the training of graduate students and enlivens the teaching of undergraduate courses, bringing students into contact with new and relevant mathematics and creating a population with the necessary mathematical skills and appreciation, encouraging some to join the next generation of researchers and educators. The fundamental importance of education in mathematics is reflected in the General College curriculum’s foundations and connections requirements in quantitative methods. The Department is strongly committed to making its programs open and accessible to members of groups historically underrepresented in the sciences.