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    For Undergraduates

    The Undergraduate Mathematics Office is located in Phillips 356. This room is the office inside the Undergraduate Common Room (Phillips 354). Come and visit any time. The departmental Undergraduate Services Manager, Elizabeth Davidson, can answer any questions you might have regarding our program. To refer to the UNC Undergraduate Bulletin, click here.

    Undergraduate Course Placement Information

    Find placement information, such as AP and IB credit.

    For information concerning transfer credit, contact Professor David Adalsteinsson.

    Getting into Closed Courses

    Find closed course information, such as use of a "Course Request Form (CRF)" here.

    Specific instructions for completing the CRF will be posted online along with a link to the form itself (Spring 2016).

    Majoring in Mathematics

    UNC-CH offers several degrees in mathematics and the mathematical sciences, providing students with a wide choice of careers in this field. Among the jobs in industry, government, and the academic world that involve mathematics as a central aspect are: actuary, stastistician, computer analyst, and educator. There are B.A. and B.S. degrees offered in Mathematics.

    If you are taking Math 110 (College Algebra) or Math 130 (Precalculus)

    These courses are taught in a new learning environment with a flexible approach to mastering the material.  Please read the important information about Math 110 and Math 130.

    The Mathematics Department offers walk-in and email assistance to undergraduates in Precalculus and Calculus courses in the Math Help Center. This facility usually opens the second week of the semester.

    Old Final Exams

    Old final exams are available for study.


    We do not maintain an online list of tutors. However, the most recent listing of tutors in Mathematics Department can be acquired in person from Sunny Oakley in the Mathematics Department main office in Phillips Hall.

    Independent Study

    Math 290, 396, or 690 may be taken for credit by a student working, under the direction of a faculty member, on a research project, honors project, or independent study of a special topic. A student wishing to sign up for one of these courses should design a plan in consultation with a faculty member who agrees to supervise the project and submit an independent study proposal on the form available here.  At this Undergraduate Curricula site one can also find a link to the university report that describes the rules for independent study courses.

    Research opportunities in Math and Science

    Study Abroad Opportunities

    News for Students from the American Mathematical Society

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