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    Amie Wilkinson, University of Chicago. Amie Wilkinson is a professor of mathematics at the University of Chicago. Upon completing her Ph.D. at UC Berkeley under the direction of Professor Charles Pugh in 1995, Prof. Wilkinson spent several years at Northwestern University before coming to Chicago in 2011. She is a recipient of the Satter Prize from the AMS, an invited speaker at the ICM in 2010 and has given American Mathematical Society invited addresses in Salt Lake City (2002) and Rio de Janeiro (2007). She is regarded as an expert in the areas of smooth dynamical systems and ergodic theory, in particular with respect to foliation theory. She has recently published papers, jointly with K. Burns, that provided what has been described as a clean and applicable solution to a long-standing problem in stability of partially hyperbolic dynamical systems. She has also played a central role in recent major developments in related areas, including making some fundamental advances in understanding generic behavior of C1 diffeomorphisms. Prof. Wilkinson's lecture will occur in a special location as she is visiting us as the plenary speaker in the Ergodic theory workshop. Please see the conference web-site for further details.

    • Colloquium
    When Mar 21, 2013
    from 04:00 PM to 05:00 PM
    Where Chapman 201
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    Tea will be in Phillips Hall 330

    Title: The "general case"

    In the early 1930′s, the Ergodic theorems of von Neumann and Birkhoff put Boltzmann’s Ergodic Hypothesis in mathematical terms, and the natural question was born: is ergodicity the “general case” among conservative dynamical systems?  Oxtoby and Ulam tackled this question early on and showed that the answer to this question is “yes” for continuous dynamical systems.  The work of Kolmogorov Arnol’d and Moser beginning in the 1950′s showed that the answer to this question is “no” for C^infty dynamical systems.  I will discuss recent work with Artur Avila and Sylvain Crovisier that addresses what happens for C^1 dynamical systems.

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